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General Information

Are you a registered Business in Australia?

Yes, we are a registered business in South Australia. ABN: 95 970 599 675

Whereabouts the BestArtdeals is located?

We are based in the fifth largest city of Australia and capital of South Australia, Adelaide.

Do you have any Gallery to display your paintings?

No, we don't have any Gallery to display our paintings. We only sell through internet and that helps us to save the overhead expenses and that is how we keep our prices low and give you a great saving everyday every time.

Why we buy from BestArtDeals website?

In simple words, we sell great looking and exceptionally attractive paintings with a very good and reasonable price to save you money. We've got more reasons to buy from us in "Why shop here?" section of the website.

How can we contact BestArtDeals?

We believe in a great service and strive to provide the best to all of our customers. You can contact us by either of the following ways:

How long it takes to get the reply back from BestArtDeals?

We take all of your questions or any of your queries on an urgent basis. So We always try to get back to you as soon as possible, however, it may take up to 24 hours at maximum to hear from us.



What sort of paintings I can buy on BestArtDeals website?

We sell 100% hand-painted artwork. Hand paintings are more beautiful and great looking and it’s really amazing to see how artists give their best to have best paintings. Note, we don't sell any posters or prints.

What medium & material are used in your paintings?

We use following medium and material: 

  • Medium: Oil or Acrylic paints. They are good and long lasting.
  • Material: Heavy duty canvas is used for all of our paintings.
  • Stretcher: Wooden stretcher is used in the paintings. 

What is the quality of your paintings?

Our paintings are of good handicraft quality. Our Quality controller keep the quality of paintings in check and then pass on the beautiful work to you. That's how we give you the best and nice artwork every time.

Yes, we are showing all the real photos of paintings on our website.

What size of paintings you sell?

We sell different size of paintings and can also customise any size you like. 

Do we need to frame or stretch the painting after purchase?

We sell stretched paintings only. We mention in all of our painting's description specifically the following words:

  • Stretched and Ready-to-Hang.
  • Note: Framing is not required if painting is already stretched on wooden stretchers.  

Does your paintings ready-to-hang?

Our all Paintings are stretched and are surely ready to hang. The multi-panel paintings come with free hanging accessories.

Does your 'ready-to-hang' painting come with any accessories?

Our Multi-panels paintings come with free hanging accessories.

Do you stock all the painting displayed on your website?

We usually have all the painting in stock which we display on our website. However, Paintings which are not in stock can be painted and shipped on demand.

What can you paint?

We can paint anything you would like. You can see our Personal Portrait category at our website for more details.

How long does BestArtDeals take to get the personal portraits done?

It may take between 2 and 3 weeks to get your portrait done. However, there are fair chances to get your nice portrait done before the expected time.

How much you charge for a personal portraits or a painting of my wish?

Prices may vary from portrait to portrait or from painting to painting. However, we assure you the best prices in the market and you can also compare with different service providers as well.

How do I send my photo to BestArtDeals?

It's easy; you can send us the photos you wish to paint with any other details or instructions through email: contact@bestartdeals.com.au and we will get back to you ASAP with pricing and delivery details. You can see our Personal Portrait category.

How long can a painting last?

It must be interesting to know that all oil and acrylic handmade painting really last for long. The colours may stay even more than 20 years but it may also count how much care is taken for a painting.


Your Account

Can I make my account on your website?

Yes, you can register your account with us for FREE. We have very easy account setup page that won't take more than couple of minutes for sure.

Is it safe to store personal information on your website?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to have your personal details with us without any doubt. Please see our Privacy Policy.

What would be shown under My Account section?

Once registered, access your account with your login details and you will see the following features: 

  • View Messages - You can receive and send messages to BestArtDeals about your order. When a message is sent regarding one of your orders, you will receive an email notification.
  • View Order Status - See the status of every order you've placed at BestArtDeals, including whether it has been shipped, and if so an optional tracking number.
  • Completed Orders - See all completed orders you've placed at BestArtDeals. You can also print invoices from this page.
  • Your Address Book - Add, edit and remove shipping and billing destinations from your address book.
  • Wish Lists - Add, edit and remove wish lists, see items in your wish lists and optionally add each item to your shopping cart for purchase.
  • Your Account Details - Update your contact details, email address and/or change your password.
  • Your Recent Items - See a list of items you've recently viewed at BestArtDeals.  

How can I subscribe to your Newsletter?

It's so easy to subscribe our Newsletters. You can either join our Newsletter during Sign up or you can also join by going to the 'Our Newsletter' section on the left hand side of our website, provide your first name and email address and you are ready to go.

How can I unsubscribe to your Newsletter?

Just in few clicks, you can unsubscribe to our Newsletter forever without any hassles. Click the unsubscribe link given in our newsletter you received.

What would I expect in your Newsletters?

You would be expecting our Special Offers, Discounts, Offer of the Month, Updates, New Arrivals and many more.



How can I order painting(s) from your website?

BestArtDeals is a very easy website for you to order online without any hassles. We've a 'state of the art' website which allows you to navigate through easily and once you feel like buying any paintings just click 'Add to Cart' to add any number of paintings and once you finish your shopping, see your shopping cart, Check out through easy prompts to make your payment and it's all done, once we receive your order, then we pack it, ship it and finally you receive your painting without any troubles right at your doorstep.

Can I place an international order on your website?

Yes, you can place an international order. We can ship worldwide, and for international orders shipping charges will be calculated on check-out.

How can I gift a painting from your website?

You’ve birthdays, Anniversaries or any special occasion coming - gift a painting which is so perfect, extraordinary, and one of the unique ideas to express yourself. Just shop and buy as usual except during the Check-Out fill the Delivery Address and don't forget to write any instruction in the textbox provided and we’ll take care of the rest.

How can I track my order status online?

Yes, we’ve got that covered, you can check your order status. Just see the "Order Status" section on the top of our website, enter your order number and you will see your order status easily.

How can I buy a Gift Voucher/Certificate from your website?

At the top of our website, you will see 'Gift Certificates' which is also popularly known as Gift Vouchers, that link will take you to purchase a Gift Certificate page and once it is purchased, the Gift certificate will be emailed straight to your recipient. So your recipient can use this Gift Certificate to buy wonderful painting from our collection. It’s all that simple and makes a great and unique way to show your expression.

How I can redeem Gift Certificate on your website?

That is simple too, whenever you're finish with your shopping, Go and click 'View Cart' and on the right hand side of the shopping cart you will see 'Redeem Gift Certificate' box, now need to enter your certificate code and your certificate amount will come to your shopping cart.

Does Your website give any discount or any Coupon Code?

Yes, we do offer discounts time-to-time to give you a savings to make your and your lovedone's place beautiful like ever before. Also, we have another great way to save you money, the Coupon Codes which you may get in your registered email.

Where I can enter the Coupon Code on your website?

Once you finish with your shopping to our website. Click 'View Cart' and on the right hand side of the shopping cart you will see 'Coupon Code' box, now you need to enter coupon code and any discount associated with that Coupon will come to your shopping cart.

Can I place an order of my wish of painting?

Yes of course, if you like any painting or if you've seen a painting somewhere, just let us know and we will get that painted for you. We have great and experienced artists.


Is it safe to make a payment at BestArtDeals website?

Definitely, it's safe to make any payment through our Websites. We have a PayPal service integrated to our website because it's quick, safe and secure.

Solution Graphics

What payment methods are available on your website? 

  • PayPal: You can make payment through PayPal which is integrated to our website.
  • Card: Debit/Credit cards through PayPal.
  • Bank Deposit: Direct Bank deposit using your internet banking.  

What are your Bank details for direct deposit?

For Direct deposit, please follow the following the three simple steps: Step 1: Place the order on BestArtDeals and e-mail us with your order number. Step 2: Once we receive your detais, we will get back to you ASAP with our bank details and other information. Step 3: You just have to deposit the amount (either in person or online) in our account. As soon as we get the payment, your painting will be on the way.

What currency your website accepts?

We accept all Currencies as PayPal handles all, so not to worry.


Shipping & Handling

How much you charge for the shipping & handling?

We provide Australia wide free shipping, so you need not to worry about that. For international orders Shipping & handling will be calculated once you checkout at our website. We do a quick shipping to your doorstep without any hassles.

Which shipping company you use for the painting deliveries?

We use different shipping companies which are reliable and safe, some of the companies we use are: Australia POST, TransDirect and many other for quick and safe deliveries.

How earliest I can receive my painting?

Once we receive your payment we always make sure we deliver your painting(s) as soon as possible. Australia-Wide shipping is pretty much quick and takes just a few days (less than 7 working days). International shipping may take up-to 14 working days.

Can I pick up my painting?

Yes, you can pick up any paintings and save the shipping time. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia. For pick up you first have to e-mail us with your prefered time, date and unique code of painting(s) you like. We will then get back to you asap with picking address and other details. You can even pay on pickup.

Do you do international shipping?

Yes, we can ship worldwide. Shipping charges for international orders will be calculated once you checkout at our website.



Do you offer any Money back guarantee?

Yes, we give 30 Days money back guarantee from the date of purchase. This is a 100% peace of mind.

What should I do if I want to return my painting?

If you're not happy with a painting and want to return, you first need to contact us before shipping to our address (it is important to contact us before returning to serve you better). For details please see the next question.

How I ship it back to BestArtDeal?

Very easy, you need to email us before returning a painting and state the reason of returning; if it is a damage or fault (e.g. any damage while shipping like breadages etc. or you got the wrong painting, different than you ordered) than you will get full refund or replacement and we will pay the return shipping as well, if you like any other painting on our website (of same or higher price) and want to replace your current order we are more than happy to do so and will pay for shipping (this offer applies to only one replacement, for any further replacement you will pay the both delivery and return shipping charges) you just have to pay the extra price if any, in any other case you will get the complete refund minus shipping charges. In any case, first e-mail us so that we can give you more personalised service.

Do I get my money back and how much?

Yes, of course we will do the full refund, please see the previous question.



Who can sell the paintings on BestArtDeals?

Any Artist is welcome who has a great and amazing handmade, paintings to sell. Please make sure you read the 'Sell Your Painting' section at our website.

Where would I see my paintings at your website?

You will see your paintings under our website category - Artist. You will see your name there with all of your Artwork.

Why should I sell my artwork on your website?

We understand the art and artists and thus we can help them most. Moreover, we hope the following reasons will definitely meet your expectations:

You get absolutely free platform to display your art work. We spend money on all marketing, advertisement & audience. We are popular and gaining a huge customer base. You can add multiple photos and give the description of your artwork. We charge very little fees, only when we sell your artwork.

What artwork details should I send to you?

Please send us the following details of each Artwork you are interested to sell with us:

Artwork Name: Total Size: centimetres. Description: If any Artwork Photos: Price Expectations: Any other details:  

How many photos of my paintings should I send to you?

Please send us atleast 2 different photos of your artwork. It would be great to have more if you can. For your reference purposes you can see our paintings photos at our website.

How long your website keep my artwork?

We can keep your artwork until it sold out. BestArtDeals would advice you for any changes in policies on a regular basis through email.

How to send the photos and details of my artwork to BestArtDeals?

You can send your desired artwork in an excel file (preferably) or in any other format convenient to you at our email address: contact@bestartdeals.com.au

What if I no longer want to keep my artwork to your website?

Email us your request at contact@bestartdeals.com.au, we will remove all of your artwork from our website and will return your all artwork details and photos to you. We don't keep any artwork details once taken off from our website. Please read the Private Policy for more details.