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How to Choose & Hang?


How to Choose?

If you enjoy having a beautiful decorated home, you must be frustrated to confront with a large blank wall that is still undecorated and you don't know where to start with and what to do. There are few questions you should ask yourself first.

How high a painting should be hung on the wall?

What colors should I use as accents?

How do I decide what goes where?

BJ_KR006.jpgOne basic guideline to keep in mind, generally artwork should be hung so that center point of the painting or the group of paintings is approximately at the eye level for average person. Most people hang their artwork too high on the wall. In some situations it is impossible to follow the "eye level" rule but still is the good rule to start with.

Try to relate the size of the art to the size of the wall andBJ_LWM0488.jpg the size of the furniture in your room. Choose smaller paintings for narrow walls and larger works for big wall spaces. If you have a large space to fill multi panel paintings can be used. How much panels (2,3,4 or 5) depends on the place you want to fill. when hanging a painting over a piece of furniture, it should not generally be longer than the width of the furniture. Keep the size up to 75% of the furniture size when hanging above it. Choose the art so that it looks like a part of grouping, relate artwork to the furniture below it.

BJ_KR001.jpgAnother important factor is lighting to highlight the artwork. Illuminating your artwork by using track or spot light gives it importance and makes the paintings more dramatic and effective. So, while choosing a place to hang your painting keeps in mind the lighting system of your room. If painting always remains in dark there is no point to hang it there.

If buying a painting for a finished room, pick according to the mood and decor of the room. What is there style of your furniture, casual, formal, modern or traditional? Whether is decor vibrant or neutral? All these will help you to choose the painting suits the color and style of the room. It is also possible to create the contrast, but still there should be something that will tie all the objects together.

If looking for a starting point for a room, find a painting thatBJ_KR003.jpg inspires you, motivate you or you think that will be a part of your life and then use the paintings themes and color as the foundation for choosing other decorative elements in the room. Usually landscapes paintings are a great way to get inspiration and motivation. They visually open up a smaller space and can create a window in windowless wall.

When it comes to hanging Paintings in your own space the above guidelines should be considered as a starting point. Look at professionally decorated rooms for ideas on how art can change the look of a space.

How to hang?

If you enjoy having a beautiful decorated home, you must be frustrated to confront with large blank wall but what is more frustrating is when pieces of cherished paintings wait nearby, bright and beautiful but sadly unused. You may be tempted to just bang nails into the wall and hook your paintings to them but for safety and aesthetic reason, you should take the additional time necessary to hand your paintings properly. There is a right way to hang art.

Purchase brick hooks. You must use brick hooks for hanging pictures on brick because they come with a special nail that are unbendable. If you use normal nails, they will bend or break and may damage your brick wall.

Choose 30 lb., 50 lb. or 100 lb. brick hooks depending on the weight and size of the picture you are going to be hanging. With each 30 lb. hook, one special nail is also included. With the 50 lb. or 100 lb. hooks, two nails are included for each hook.

Mark the place where you will be inserting each hook with a pencil. Measures to make sure the marks are level.

Drill a pilot hole using a 1/8 inch masonry drill bit, holding the drill at a 45 degree downward angle. Try to drill into the mortar joint instead of the brick itself if possible.

Insert the special nail through your brick hook and into the pilot hole that you drilled. Hammer the nail tightly into the wall. Repeat until you have all your hooks on the wall. Hang your picture onto the hooks.

Tip: Gift a painting

This is another area which is unexplored because of availability and affordability. As our paintings are affordable and suits everyone's pocket it can be a perfect and most emotional way to express yourself and your feelings. Your gift would be unique and seen over, and over again and would left wonderful memories in one's mind.