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Shipping and Handling


Order Delivery Charges & Transit Time

All Orders comes with Australia-wide FREE Shipping!!
We deliver either through Registered Australia Post or Courier.
Track the status of your Order on our website is available.
Urgent Order Delivery can be made on Request. Please e-mail us.



Paintings in-Stock Delivery - Delivered within 7 Business Days in Australia ONLY! We have lots of hand made paintings in stock. We ship it quickly once we receive the order.
Other Paintings Delivery - Paintings not in-stock will be finished by one of our experienced Artists and may be delivered within 2-3 Weeks.

Print on Canvas

Delivered within 10 Business Days in Australia, Canada, NZ, US and UK! For 'Print on Canvas' order, we may ask your Photos again if resolution of photos are not up-to mark.

Personal Portrait or any Custom Order

Personal Portrait or any Customized Order Delivery may take upto 2-3 weeks. Your patience would be appreciated.

International Shipping

Free International Shipping is also Available to Canada, NZ, UK and US for all of our products & services (Paintings, Print on Canvas and Personal Portrait)!
World-wide Delivery Available! Shipping charges are available on Check-out.

Handling Charges

Each Painting is Wrapped and Packed in Carton Professionally.
No Handling Charges at all.
Pick up is Available in Adelaide on request.

Return Policy

Not Happy! Just e-mail us for more personalised service and we will return your Full Amount except Personal Portraits. You can see our FAQs for more details.
Each Painting & Print on Canvas comes with full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!
Personal Portrait or Custom Orders may not be returned, however we would be more than happy if fault is ours.

Should you have more questions, Please Fill our Contact us Form. We will love to hear from you.