10 Hollywood Based Art Prints

10 Hollywood Based Art Prints

Posted by Sara Taylor on 28th Jun 2021

If you are a true Hollywood fan and shower your love for Hollywood everywhere you go, your daily use items and in fact even your closets speak of Hollywood, then the next thing you must search for is a Hollywood inspired art print. Hollywood prints are great pieces of art work which can enhance the beauty of your house and show your love for Hollywood too. There are amazing pieces of art based on Hollywood and you surely need to get your hands on them.


The first thing that hits the head of any Hollywood lover when thinking of installing some related artwork, then it is a portrait of Marilyn. This portrait of the American Hollywood actress ahead of her time, Marilyn Monroe is one of the best Vintage Hollywood Prints. This beautiful canvas print is unframed and a perfect choice for a true Hollywood lover.

Ingrid Bergman

Hollywood inspired prints, especially the vintage ones will never go out of fashion! There have been many Hollywood faces which are always loved. One such is of the Swedish and American actress Ingrid Bergman. This beautiful picture will leave any Hollywood lover in awe and thus is worth putting up on the wall of your living room.

Marlon Bando actor

Although there are uncountable Hollywood actresses who have dominated the hearts of Hollywood lovers, some actors like Marlon Brando have made their mark. This beautiful and colorful digital print of the American Hollywood actor along with a pet cat and a scarlet rose is something that you will not be able to resist from buying.

Elvis and Marilyn

Old Hollywood Prints account as being a tricky choice that you have to make. Among the various prints inspired by Hollywood, this beautiful digital print of the American actress Marilyn Monroe and the American Hollywood singer Elvis Persley along with Humphrey Bogart, another American actor, is definitely a choice which will define your great taste in Hollywood.

Audrey Hepburn

Home modern prints that are based on the Hollywood theme make good choices of artwork for your home. This beautiful modern print of the British actress Audrey Hepburn is framed and all set for putting up on a longing wall. The careful use of colors adds to the softness of the print.

Einstein Hepburn

If you are someone who loves modern digital prints and one who believes in science, want to balance your taste in Hollywood along with your choice of some great digital prints then this Einstein Hepburn digital print is best for you. This two piece modern digital print of the British actress Audrey Hepburn and of the German physicist and scientist Albert Einstein is even framed and can beautify any wall.

Tupac Shakur

How can you call yourself a Hollywood lover without having a great taste in Hollywood music? Thus, do not think twice and buy vintage Hollywood prints like this one showcasing a lovely portrait of the amazing American rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. This two piece digital print is also framed and will look amazing in the living area of your house.

Tupac Shakur II

Your taste in Hollywood music is somehow related to your taste in art. So, if you are a fan of the American rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur then you will love this artistic depiction of him. This framed digital print art is all hails for the modern art lovers who are a Hollywood diehard fan too.

Kung fu Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, the well-known Chinese American martial artist has also made a great contribution in Hollywood with his works as an actor as well as a director. Thus, this Hollywood canvas art of Bruce lee in a bold black background is an ideal choice of digital print artwork that a true Hollywood fan will love.


Today Hollywood fans are all in love with some action packed fiction movies. So, how about a multi piece digital artwork inspired by some fiction action movies? This beautiful modern art digital print illustration of deadpool is just wow for all the deadpool fans. You definitely will not think twice before buying this lovely multi piece canvas for your living room.


Thus, Hollywood based art prints are never out of fashion. If nothing comes to your mind then select any one of these Hollywood prints at random, because any and every digital print inspired by Hollywood will beautify any wall where it is put up.