3 Things You Must Consider Before Decorating Your Abode with Abstract Art Prints

3 Things You Must Consider Before Decorating Your Abode with Abstract Art Prints

Posted by Victor on 29th Oct 2019

Accessorizing every nook and cranny of the ‘Home Sweet Home’ is everyone’s dream. Whether you are planning to revamp your abode or wishing to add a dash of creativity to your existing interiors, abstract art prints are the perfect way to bring a classic appeal to your home decor. You might be ignoring the sounds of your walls screaming and crying- ‘I Need Decor’.

Well, this time, why not spruce up the bland walls of your living area by hanging abstract canvas prints? Not a bad idea, indeed! However, you ought to be extra careful before decorating your happy place with abstract canvas wall art. In this blog, we’ve jotted down a few of the points that you must keep in mind while giving a humongous transformation to your stark walls. Here we go!

1. Perfect Light is What You Need

No matter what kind of abstract canvas prints you choose to amp up the look of your walls, it is important to consider whether or not the wall you have selected for decor is exposed to natural light. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that there should be direct exposure to the sun as it might fade and crack the frame with time. Framed abstract wall art looks mesmerizing on those walls which are properly lit up and are not too dark.

2. Skillfully Hang Your Abstract Canvas Wall Art

The moment you decide the wall where you want to hang the abstract prints, the next crucial decision for you to make is - how high should you hang them? Here’s the golden rule to crack this dilemma. Let’s have the center of the art be at 57 inches from the floor, which reflects the standard eye-level of the person with average height. In most of the museums and art galleries, the art prints are hanged this way. Take the measurement meticulously, lightly mark the area with a pencil, and then mount the masterpieces of art to bring your empty walls to life.

3. Choose The Right Size of Abstract Canvas Prints

Most of us tend to overlook this point and do not pay much attention to the size of the wall art before making a purchase. However, it does matter a lot. If the wall you have chosen to place your framed abstract wall art is above a sofa or designer cabinet, then make sure that the bottom of the piece should hang 6 to 12 inches from the top of the furniture. Even the home decor experts suggest that one should go for bigger sizes when it comes to hanging abstract canvas prints. Many people buy artwork in small sizes and then discover that their living area still feels barren. Take into account the amount of furniture that you have, if it is sparse, then a large piece of artwork will certainly look amazing. Furthermore, the walls work best with the art of a similar shape, created in a vertical orientation, on the other hand, wall space over sofas work best with landscape-oriented abstract wall art, slightly bigger in size.

Abstract art is an extremely popular art form, which looks great in modern home spaces. A perfect amalgamation of vibrant colors and unique patterns gives leeway to the viewers to construct their own understanding and sense of the object. If your aesthetically designed abode is already brimming with bright colors and contrasts, then a minimalist abstract canvas wall art can fit in perfectly! At Best Art Deals, you can explore our assortment of abstract art prints made with utmost perfection; it’s time for you to find the design that reflects your quintessential taste and personality.